Look fresh and relaxed

Chang Eye Group now offers enhanced facial aesthetic treatments for patients. Our expert oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Happ, offers Botox injections, dermal fillers and skin treatments to smooth your skin and help you look refreshed.

Look fresh and relaxed

Chang Eye Group now offers enhanced facial aesthetic treatments for patients. Our expert oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Happ, offers Botox injections, dermal fillers and skin treatments to smooth your skin and help you look refreshed.

The wrinkles on your face are getting deeper. Your frown lines are frustrating you – you worry they make you look angry! And your skin’s lost the plumpness and dewy glow you used to take for granted.

You’d like to do something to improve things… but you’re worried. Can I afford it? Will it hurt?

What you want is a non-invasive procedure, performed by an expert who knows what they’re doing. Something that will help you look naturally younger, as if you’ve had a month of fantastic sleep and are genuinely rejuvenated.

Basically, you want to keep up your real beauty, without looking artificial. And yes, it would definitely be nice to hear more comments about how youthful you look. But what you most want is to look in the mirror and think, “YES. I look good.”

The enhanced facial cosmetic options offered at Chang Eye Group can help with that.

Our oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Erik Happ, is here to use his years of medical experience, expert knowledge of the eye and facial muscles, and the latest dermatological techniques to recommend the best non-invasive facial treatment for you.

We offer Botox and Xeomin injections, along with the dermal fillers, Juvederm and Radiesse, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give your face a more rested, youthful look.

And don’t worry – these minimally-invasive procedures are performed with a personalized approach for each patient, with the utmost attention and care!


How does Botox work?

Botox is a substance that, when injected in small quantities into your facial muscles, prevents those muscles from moving in ways that lead to wrinkle formation. Because it stops your muscles from contracting, it also enables wrinkles around the muscles to soften.

How long do the effects of Botox last?

The effects from Botox last for 3-4 months. Over time, prolonged use of Botox can lessen the appearance of your wrinkles and lines for longer periods, because it trains your facial muscles to relax.

How do dermal fillers like Juvederm, and Radiesse work?

Dermal fillers are small injections of gel that bring back volume to your face and plump up lines, by filling in wrinkles and adding volume to soft tissue. They can be injected around your eyes, cheeks, mouth, and jawline.

How long do the effects of dermal fillers last?

It depends on which dermal filler you choose and how your body reacts to it, but most dermal fillers last between 12 to 15 months.

Are Botox and derm fillers affordable?

At Chang Eye Group, we offer 24-month, no-interest financing options through CareCredit. (Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required.) To apply for CareCredit, visit https://www.carecredit.com/apply/.

If you’re interested in having one of these procedures and want to discuss your options with us, get in touch with Chang Eye Group.

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