It may be one of the more innocuous problems of the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s a nuisance nonetheless: fogged-up eyewear. It happens when warm breath escapes from the top of your mask and lands on the cooler surface of your lens.

When both glasses and masks are required …

As annoying as it may be, don’t stop wearing your mask. Masking helps stop the spread of COVID-19. Instead, follow our tips for keeping your eyeglasses, sunglasses or safety goggles clear.

Unfortunately, eye doctors are treating more and more injuries in people who weren’t wearing safety goggles while masked. They have treated construction workers who suffered ruptured eyeballs after removing foggy safety goggles, and inexperienced homeowners who didn’t think they needed to protect their eyes while doing small projects around the house.

Whether you’re an essential worker on a construction site or just squinting through the fog to see what’s on the grocery store shelf, here are some tips to prevent your face mask from fogging up your eyewear. 

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