You own one pair of glasses, but why might you want — or in many cases need — more than one pair of specs? In any case, you should always have a backup pair in case your regular seeing eye glasses get broken or lost. But there are also plenty of reasons to have a variety of different styles and lens types on hand.

Why Would You Need Multiple Pairs of Prescription Glasses?

  • Different frames can take your look from “desk job” to “night on the town.”
  • Lens coatings can shield your eyes from the sun and block blue light from your devices.
  • Progressive lenses or reading glasses make it easy to read books and text messages.
  • Accidents happen. What if you break your glasses and don’t have a spare pair?

There are a variety of different frames, lens coatings, etc. that are designed to fit your lifestyle, including your profession. This is especially important if you work outdoors and are exposed to harsh sunlight often, or if you spend the majority of your day looking at a screen. Here are seven reasons you need more than one pair of glasses: 

  1. To protect against blue light while working in front of a screen.

  2. To guard against UV rays while working or enjoying the outdoors.

  3. For the sake of fashion. You wouldn’t wear the same accessories every day, would you?

  4. To stay safe! Ask about protective eyewear for work, etc. at your next appointment.

  5. To read.

  6. For times your contacts won’t cut it.

  7. To adventure. Ask about non-slip and protective frames!

Bottom line: One pair of glasses may not be — and probably is not — the best solution for all your vision needs. Prescription glasses, computer glasses, blue light glasses, photochromic lenses, workday and nightlife glasses — ask your eye doctor or optician to help you get the best glasses for your needs and lifestyle.